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The Lie

The Lie – Amazon Prime.

Its a Suspense Thriller !!

Father and Daughter duo gives lift to her friend and whatever happens next is just unimaginable !!

The Director succeeds to keep the suspense till the end and its Shocking !!

Good Movie !!

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Survival story. Sandra Bullock played a Superb role in this fight for survival when there is a suicidal entity all over. It starts with flash back. You dont understand why she and the kids are blind folded. But when you come to know the horrifying reason….. u anxiously wait for their way out in this situation.
I liked it !!

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Its a Superb Thriller !! Excellent Plot !!
A Couple after shifting to a new city, meets someone in the mall who happens to be the husband’s schoolmate. He keeps coming to their house with some weird gifts. One day when he calls them over dinner at his house…..they find something fishy about him and then starts unfolding some unbelievable past and at the end………. you feel…… OH NOOOOO…… !! Just Brilliant End !!
This is a MUST MUST MUST watch film.
Take out some time and watch it.

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Parasite – Movie

Its a Korean Film and Winner of Best Picture, Best Director Awards at Oscars and Academy Awards.   That’s how I reached to this movie on Netflix.  And yesss…… Its undoubtedly a WINNER Movie !!

It starts at a little slower pace but soon it catches such a pace that you just cannot move from your chair till the end.  The Director perfectly shows a complete contrast between the two extreme layers of the Society. 

By chance a boy from a very poor family gets a Tutors job at a wealthy family and then the planning, the execution, the surprises, the greed, the fight for the survival ….. all starts.  If I tell more…… it will spoil all the curiosity.  Watch it …….. It’s a MUST WATCH MOVIE.

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What a movie…. OMG…. Once started…we couldn’t move from the TV.

It’s an escape story of an American Engineer with his wife n two daughters from some unidentified Asian Country to Vietnam.

It’s an Intense, Gripping ,  Action-Packed ….Superfast Movie with Strong Acting. Owen Wilson n Lake Bell played Fantastic Couple which handles the situation in unbelievably Brave manner. Pierce Brosnan’s presence was pleasant.

The movie quickly picks its pace within few minutes and then you also run, hide, fight, scream n cry with them.

Oh God….I am still in that effect. The impact is so much that you become really restless, desperate just like them. You want the situation in the movie to get over fast. When we took a quick break, it was such a relief to see everything ok outside the window.

A must must watch movie for those who enjoy thrillers.

Thanks Sobodh Sathe for the recommendation.


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